Lifes little lesson:

You go through this life thinking you have to become successful for people to know who you are. You think you have to make a million dollars to be famous. You just want the glimps of happpiness.
Happiness is within. It is what you do to become a success. If you have nothing to give, how can you help? I see people daily who make ALOT more than me but I continue to promote their things more. I will not be able to take MY success with me where GOD NEEDS me. I have learned with NOTHING I have EVERYTHING. My family my friends who are near to me and ALL over the WORLD. I have enjoyed my adventure talking to people on social media. I am not rich but my gift to you is LOVE. Thank you to many authors and friends who I have met all over the world through social media. I have met wonderful Godly people.
Happiness, LOVE = LIFE