In life we learn and so does your children.  Even at a small age before talking fully they can communicate.  I challenge you as a parent to start your child before the age of ONE, yes ONE to start showing them the alphabet, teach them.  When they begin school they will have the skills they need to succeed.  It starts with you.  My son almost three at the age of two could say ALL of the alphabet acknowledge which letter was each one, colors, shapes, numbers 1-10.  When we are out shopping the cashiers always ask how old is he? Is he at daycare? All of the questions. They say he is so advanced.  Also, he will tell you every letter and what the item is and he recognizes them and the sound a is for apple.   I will tell you with the Learning books of Ted and Raymond I guarantee if you work with them they will learn QUICKLY.  They are FUN books!  Do NOT get this from me.  Check out what some are saying about them already!

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