Over the past few days, I’ve been posting recipes from the Valentine’s Dinner my husband and I enjoyed together!  So far, I’ve posted recipes for Parmesan Orzo Pasta, BLT Stuffed Tomatoes, and Lobster Colorado.  All of which were outstanding, and unbelievably delicious.  However, no Valentine’s Dinner is complete without the all important chocolate dessert.  Thus, today’s post of Chocolate Lava Cakes is the final installment from our Valentine’s Menu recipes.

MoltenLava Cake 1

MoltenLava Cake 2MoltenLava Cake 3MoltenLava Cake 4MoltenLava Cake 5

Go grab a napkin…you’ve been drooling on your keyboard. But seriously, though, just look at those pictures!  Doesn’t that look like heaven on a plate?!  Ya know if…heaven were food?

This dessert just screams elegance and decadence and luxury all rolled up in one gooey chocolate package.  Anytime I go to a restaurant, and the words “molten” “chocolate” or “lava” appear in any combination on the dessert menu, I’m hooked.  Does it matter if I’ve already eaten…

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