The Croak 500

ImageWhere do I start.  Well my journey started with this one little book years ago.  Feeling depressed and lonely about losing my stepson through a divorce. I decided to write a short little story for kids to tell them they did not always have to win, as long as they tried their best.  In this day and age we all PUSH our kids to be number one and when they do not win they are heartbroken.  In Ted and Raymond’s Adventure Series one the first short story is The Croak 500.  Ted is a simple frog who loves trying new stuff.  He fixes up a car to enter a race.  His best friend Raymond ALWAYS has to be in first, so he enters too.  Going around the track they are side by side.  NEITHER frog wins first but they tie for 2nd place.  They tried their hardest and still remained friends.  This is what I want to teach our kids today!



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