Where are you time?

A story about me as a writer, my name is Rhonda.  I live in a small growing town called Blanchard.  Little do you know writing is a TIME issue?  As a mother you get interrupted, a wife well, you get interrupted.  You have certain things you do daily as a writer.  Blogging, writing, 3 year old, 12 year old, “mommy this, mommy that” networking, finding customers, dishes, clothes, keeping up house, food.  (I have let my husband take over cooking) Where does the time go as a writer?  When do I write? My answer is where are you time?  I do not have a lot of time as a writer to write, so I try to write short stories for children.  They are easier to think up, and do.  BUT, the BIG thing here is again TIME. Not everyone can be a carpenter, banker, real estate agent, barber, or writer. The best answer to becoming a writer is to make sure you have the time.  I love what I am doing. I love writing inspirational stories for children.  You have to have PASSION for what you love doing.  The time you make for your passion is there for you.  Writing, blogging, internet soothes my soul.  It gives me something to encourage myself and others.  It makes me believe I CAN once again.  These children’s books along with the children, I am too am researching and learning so the kids can learn too.  I am excited what the adventures to come will be.  I cannot tell you everything because it would SPOIL it for you.  So get ready for more than Ted and Raymond stories J





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