The Spirits of ChesterVille General Store

An elderly couple is trying to preserve their childhood general store.  With all the memories they have, they try to rebuild and save the general store.  Along the way they find past surroundings, interesting old books, journals and the hauntings.  Spirits of ChesterVille General Store COMING SOON

In the winter of 2013-2014 you will get a chance to read The Spirits of ChesterVille General Store by Rhonda Patton and Chester McDaniel.  A husband/wife team who explore with the paranormal in and out of their home looking for answers decides to bring happenings into their stories.  Although the people and places are fictitious some of the happenings are real life events they have felt or have happened.  They are bringing this paranormal to life.  You will feel the sadness, you will laugh, you will make sure your doors are locked and no one is looking at you.  Take a look at the cover of their book on our website page 3



Smelling the morning coffee brewing George and Martha, a couple who lived in a small town outside a big city in southern Louisiana called ChesterVille, relaxed waiting for their coffee. ChesterVille only had 2000 people there. The town had one red light and everyone knew everybody there.

The town resided around a bigger city which brought goods in through the river before we had shipping through 18 wheelers and what we have now. In early 1800’s only a few people even knew it existed. People wanted to live in the city where everything was walking distance or buggy rides.

George’s parents moved to the town in the late 1930s as young teenagers. They settled in a place right outside of ChesterVille. George’s dad worked for the railroad. His mom stayed at home to take care of the house. She was a young teen just married and was working to make a family.

George was raised nearby ChesterVille. He knew everyone in town years back and visited the General store for many years. When Martha and he grew older, he was in the military and after his basic training and her out of school, they married.

George and Martha moved around a lot being in the military. Years later they had their first and only son. After retiring from the military, George said it was time to go home.

George Thomas is a retired Air Force, Chief Master Sergeant. He has been in combat and not afraid of anything. He loves to fish on the lake, loves to go to antique shops, read, and cook with the love of his life, his wife Martha.

Martha Thomas is a home maker. She cooks, sews and shares the same hobbies as George. They were high school sweeties years ago. They could not stay away from each other long, and they loved talking with each other all the time.

George graduated and then he left for boot camp, while Martha still had a year in school. While George was away they wrote many letters back and forth. They eventually married and she traveled the world with George. Later, they had a son now older with kids of his own.

They decided to retire in their old home town ChesterVille, Louisiana where they had met. They moved back here five years ago to relax and enjoy their retirement. They would plant all kinds of vegetables and trees for fruit in their garden.

The town of ChesterVille has a population of 2,157 people. It is a small town 25 miles outside of a big city. The General store had been here since late 1880s. It is the last building that is an original building of the town.

All of the other buildings have been demolished and tore down or rebuilt. The town has one flashing red-light and all the buildings face the railroad. The General store was used for many purposes back in time.

One day it became a General store. ChesterVille had small lakes nearby and a river toward the bigger city. The smaller lakes would bring the areas goods through the town for sale and trade.

All of the shipyards are now gone and just used for recreational grounds for fishing and camping.

On one cool fall Monday morning Mr. and Mrs. Thomas just had breakfast and wanted to relax on the sofa. Everyday George walked outside to get the newspaper off the ground. On this day he dressed in his coat and wrapped his scarf around his neck. He walked onto the sidewalk to get the paper as he bent over struggling he could see the white smoky breath he was breathing.

When George went back inside he had to take off his coat and scarf. He then sat on the sofa in front of the television. With his legs folded over and his glasses hanging over his nose, he opened the newspaper and began to read.

Martha was sitting next to George in her recliner watching a cooking show she really loves on television. Smelling the fresh baked apple pie she recently put in the oven. George was skimming the newspaper when he noticed an article about the ChesterVille General Store. He started recalling the old times he had in this old place.

As a child George’s dad and mom took him into the store many times to get a soda and candy. Sometimes his dad would even let him go into the store to buy cut meat or even tobacco for his dad.

He had real good memories of the store playing marbles with his friends on the outside of the building. As teenagers he and Martha would hang out there with other high school friends. They would buy popcorn and old bottle sodas and anything they could buy.

Martha! They are going to tear down the ChesterVille General Store our old hangout.” George said feverishly “Oh no, why are they going to tear it down? Is there something we could do to save it?” Martha asked with tears in her eyes.

George asked Martha, “Did you want to see if we could try to buy the store and reopen it? We have always wanted to retire doing something we always wanted to do. It’s better than just reading the newspaper every day and just sitting here. Our kids are grown they barely come to see us and they have kids of their own.”

Martha said, “Yes, sounds like a great idea George. I could make the sausage biscuits for breakfast and you can make pies like you enjoy doing. Or maybe even serve gumbo lunches, or red beans and rice. Why don’t you go into town and try talking to the mayor or town official to see what we can do about buying it?”

With a food setting in mind and the smell tasting at his mouth he replied, “You’re right Martha sounds like a great idea. I will be back in a little while.” George was getting dressed, he put on his shoes and coat. He was fumbling for his hat. “Let me know how it goes George.” Martha says eagerly.

Shaking his head yes walking toward the door he opened the door walked down the steps of his house and then into the car he went. He drove down to the town hall about five miles down the road.

Not knowing where to go or what to do, George made his way slowly to the town hall. George went into the office downtown to find out what he could do to try to buy the store. But they refused to talk to him about it.

Sir, we are tearing it down in 30 days. This place is in bad condition and cannot be fixed.” The clerk was rude, so George asked to speak with a higher official.

The lady came out of the side office room with a guy dressed in a yellow plaid shirt and dress pants. This person looked very familiar to George. “Sir, this is the guy that wanted to speak with you about the old building.”

The lady sat back down in her chair and George shook this man’s hand and says, “Hi. My name is George Thomas.” “George Thomas, I am Jerry Garfield” he said. They walked into his office. George knew who he was after he said his name. “Jerry, do you know who I am?” George asked Jerry and Jerry looked real hard at George.

With a puzzled look he starts to say, “Wow, George Thomas. How are you? How is Martha? Didn’t you two get married?” Jerry was excited to see his old friend from high school. They were laughing while talking about old times.

George told him that he and Martha did marry, and they had one son and two grandkids. They were talking about how they used to go to the store with their dads. When they grew up they went there with their girlfriends. George explained to him this is why he wanted to buy the store. There were so many memories and it has been there for decades.

I just don’t want to see that old building go. We would like to fix it and keep it for other people making memories in this town.” George explained. Jerry looked at George seriously shaking his head and says, “I am going to be honest with you George it isn’t a great building anymore. It has lots of work to do and lots of damage. I don’t want to see it go either, but we are going to have to do something soon. Unless you can do something with it within 60 days then we are going to have to tear it down.”

George looked down at his watch and with a real saddened look. Then he had an idea and said, “I had some work done on my place not too long ago. I can call the people I used at our house to help fix it. How much would you sale it for?” Then Jerry fumbled through files and found the paper work for the store.

Since we are tearing it down, there are taxes owed for $1,578.00. That’s all I will sell it for. But I have to tell you, if it’s not done in 60 days, it will have to come down. Why don’t you just go look at it and come back tomorrow. Tell me what you think. Here are the keys. Please be careful it isn’t made for people to go in.”

George took the keys, shook his hand. He walked out to his car and called Martha on his cell phone. “Martha, I have some great news. You will never guess who I ran in to. Start dinner and I will be home soon. I love you.”

George drove home and went into his house. He was washing his hands for dinner and he started telling Martha about Jerry. What he had said about the store and how they could look at it tomorrow?

Martha listened to George and was ready to look at the store to see what they could do to help the community. She was just as excited as George was.

The next day they went up to the little store. Jerry also was there to greet them. Martha was very hesitant and kind of let down. They all looked inside and outside of the building. On the outside of the building it was a white framed wood building. It had a tall glass door with wood and brass handles. Inside the floor were hardwood floors.

On the left side of the store it had a glass display counter shelf. Behind the counter against the wall had a long mirror and had shelves. It was very dusty and you could see some light through some places in the wall.

Some of the glass windows on the second floor were broken. It looked like maybe some of the roof had been leaking. They were unsure looking at it if they would be able to meet the deadline. But they said they would try to attempt to fix it up.

George accepted the value of the property and called a crew of workers to come take a look at the place. Before they could come out to look, George asked Jerry, “What is the next step toward buying this property? We want it.” Martha gave George a very scared look.