Jodi Desautels says:

I am looking forward to 2014 as I like new beginnings and think this one will be a great one! I do plan on following my heart this year! I hope you do as well.
I have so many new plans for 2014! I hope to have more posts on all of my sites. DUO Education, my education site, is going to have a blog on Mondays that contains story starters and writing prompts. All of my writing friends might enjoy that feature! Clarinda Cloud will be asking for children to draw pictures depicting feelings and sending them in. On this site, I hope to be offering children’s book proofreading services. And…that is just a glimpse. 
Oh…and…this blog will be more geared towards my thoughts and whims…not just author and illustrating topics. I hope to have another blog on this site where I provide author and illustrator interviews and the like.
See? There are many, many changes in store for 2014! I plan on following my heart! What about you? I would love to hear about some of your plans, ideas, etc. Have a great year! 

Go check out more on her sites, leave her a message.. She loves to interact with fans.


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