Does God have a sense of humor?


“Glen, what do you think? Does God have a sense of humor? I ask this question because on the back of the book I’ve just read, ‘Morning Coffee With God,’ it says: ‘What would it be like to have morning coffee with God? To enjoy God’s magnificent presence, and have the opportunity to ask questions about any subject you have ever wanted to know? And to have God answer with great depth and detail, and a wonderful sense of humor?’” (A question from a reader of my blog.)

Response: Quite humbly and respectfully, I DO certainly hope that God has a sense of humor…if God does not, we may really truly be in BIG trouble. Oh boy! Having said that, IF we are on some level reflections of God, then our sense of humor is hopefully a reflection as such (this being IF my logic is of some level of substance…not really for me to say for sure – respectfully, how dare I if I did).