Making Better Art: A New Year’s Resolution

Whimsically Yours

Happy Hump Day!


(credit: freelance cartoonist Gavin Aung Than)

I love listening to this commencement this speech by bestselling author (& many other things) Neil Gaiman, addressing the 2012 University of the Arts graduating class. The above cartoon shows the gist of it. It’s one of those great things to listen to when you’re down or when you just want to hear some great advice. It’s aimed at those who wish to pursue a creative lifestyle/profession, but I believe all can use his words of wisdom.

When I was thinking about my first post of the year, my first me post, not counting cover reveals etc…, I wanted it to be something that becomes strong foundation for 2014. Three days ago, I read what would become the inspiration for this post. The post was from a speech given by another bestselling author, Junot Diaz, at World Up Bookshop in…

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