Sometimes in life you have to stop and wonder… Why are we going through it?  God can stop it at any second of the day.  So, why would we then go through this life.  We all will pass away, we wouldn’t even have to be born.  God loves the creativity of man.  God let us live so we could live for HIM.  God lets us see the beauty of this life.  HE LETS US… He could take all away in a second.  And he has.  God is the master of the universe.  What man can make the stars, the moon, the planets, the dirt.  NONE.  Scientists can say all the mumbo jumbo about we are here because we are here and that is it.  ONE will wake up one day staring God in the face.  And just like the non-believer Jesus will say, “I never knew you”. I am so thankful for LIFE, for GOD, and for God in my LIFE.