Kristin Davis: 8 Awesome Elephant Books I Read to My Daughter (and You Should Read to Your Kids!)


African Safari was chosen the TOP 8 Books read from Kristin Davis actress known from “Sex and the City”.  I was actually looking to see if my books were on Barnes and Noble.  It was a couple of days after my birthday.  I had no clue Kristin Davis even read the book much less it was featured in the magazine.  I cried for nearly, well all day long.  I was proud that someone took an interest, it was a free add, plus it came from a celebrity.  It was awesome.  One of my BEST moments in my writing. I am not the best writer in history, I try to do the best I can to put a great book out there for kids to enjoy.  I would love to get it professionally done, edited, etc… but the money is not there. My dreams already came true with being a writer, now my goals of being a success is to come.  I know what I want with these books.  I know I want them to be in a program where kids can enjoy them in life, learn, and teach them some great helpful things.  AND HAVE FUN!!! ImageAfrica