FIghting your FEAR….

My anxiety has been really shook lately.  I know I will be visiting a whole lot of family soon.  My fear of being around a lot of people is really getting to me.  I mean, I do want to go to support my family and celebrate life.  On the other hand, my fear of being around a lot of people and dealing with the fear of it with my panic attacks and anxiety does not help.  It is an ongoing battle for me to get out of my house.  Yes I HAVE to go to the store, but these days I am buying extra so I will not have to go back for 2 weeks.  I am losing my life by fear, anxiety, crying, and holding back.  I am afraid of many things, I may have to talk to someone, I may have to hear my child cry.  I have been debating this week alone with my fear.  I have a friend in the hospital, who I want to visit.  I cannot get myself enough confidence and courage to go.  I have to literally force myself to go places.  Sometimes it is very hard for me, but sometime I have to… Like, take my daughter to the hospital or something that is really a have to.  ANXIETY and FEAR is taking my life.  I have a short book out “5 days free of Depression, anxiety, and panic attacks” this is my personal journey.  You can find my books right here 


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