My son at age 3

As I am sitting here watching my son play Mario Cart on the Wii, I think to myself.  How?  He is three.  He knows how to race and get into 7th place or better.  He is good.  He is 3.  His favorite song is “SPEAK LIFE” by Toby Mac and I am not talking about dancing, he sings the whole song.  It is funny too when I sing he puts his little finger up to his mouth and says SHHHHH.  LOL so cute.  So in his little life he already knows many christian songs that he sings all the way through.  I just praise God that his little spirit knows and sings his heart out these songs. He knows his ABC’s which he has been knowing since before the age of two, also ABC in sign language.  He knows his shapes, colors, nursery rhymes, and oh so much more.  Yes I am bragging on my son.  He is an unusual little child.  He loves to learn, play, sing, run, he is very active.  Yes he is a BIG BOY at the age of 3.  I have had many people say he will be a football player.  My husband and I hardly watch football. LOL so, I guess to each is own.  He loves playing ball of any kind.  Me and him play catch all the time.  His thing is, he will not eat any meat.  When he was almost 2 years old he busted his teeth out by falling while playing.  All 4 of his front teeth are gone.  So he is pretty careful (and VERY picky) about what he eats.  He likes a whole lot of french fries, pancakes, waffles, corn dogs (but not the weenies) and things like this.  I have tried fixing everything like corn, mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, all the stuff little kids eat.  He does like peanut butter but he will not eat it on bread.  He will soon be four, will not sit on the potty like a big boy (refuses), and is such a picky eater.  WHAT DO I DO FOR SCHOOL?  I do not want to stay at home another year homeschooling, he wants to be with kids.  He loves being with other kids because he is not around them during the day at all.  So any suggestions?  Let me know please 🙂




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