How I got started?

Some people ask how and why?  So, to break it down for you, here it goes.  Years ago (when I was 17) I had a dream to become a writer.  No, not a children’s book writer, a poetry writer.  I entered contests at  Several of my work entered a book or two.  I thought, wow… This is what I want to do.  Later down the road I married, I still wrote, but it was a faded dream left aside.  I wasn’t serious writing like I am now.  I always wrote about my feelings.  Going through a divorce in my 20’s I had a lot of known feelings.  I was abused, belittled, stressed.  I wrote a small little children’s book called “The Croak 500”  it was a cute frog story about two frogs that entered a BIG race.  The storyline was to help children see that they do not always have to be first to win, as long as they enter something and try hard.  Another point to the story was about friendship.  I talked to a publishing company about my poetry and they wanted $8,000 for my book.  I always was told you do not have to pay for your book.  So I researched more, turned the publishing company down.  Later, married and now 2 kids, we were desperate for money.  I was looking for ways for my husband to do voiceovers/acting jobs to make quick money to support our family.  I ran in to some great people.  Then, I found Moonbot.  A Shreveport company, who now has an Oscar winning app, William Joyce and Brandon Oldenberg. I suddenly found myself craving to get my book on the market.  I asked around and finally met a person who would give me information on free publishing.  FREE… Wow, I can do this.  I didn’t have the money but I thought free was simple.  All I had to do was put it on a word document and submit and there is a book.  WRONG….There is a lot to consider in writing.  ONE of my biggest mistakes in the beginning was an editor.  I mean, I am desperate and didn’t have the money for an editor.  So, I published thinking I had great work, cute stories.  NO SALES.. Two YEARS… No sales.  Wow, frustrating as it seemed I was determined to get it right.   I researched, friended many authors, shared others work, friended everyone under the sun if I could.  BANNED from Facebook for adding too many people to my network.  I found out quickly that not everyone wants to have a children’s book.  Not everyone wanted to see many posts that I was posting.  So I researched, and researched how to get more followers.  To this day I am researching.  So, my advice to you if you want to be a writer and you LOVE doing this.  Make sure, even in desperate times, to look for someone to proofread, edit, draw, research, and then start a blog not just about your books.  Make it interesting everyday things.  People do not want to hear, “Here is my product”, “look at me”, they want to hear more REAL things. 

Now this is truthfully how it went……