Happy Anniversary to my parents!!

Today my parents have been married for 42 years.  In today’s date it is rare to have couples stay together and be with each other this long.  Today both are retired, disabled.  I want to share with the world how they are.  My mom loves planting flowers, having her yard look beautiful for others to see and enjoy.  They feed all kinds of animals from squirrels, birds, dogs, cats, ducks, horses, and more.  They have the heart of gold for people who need something.  They have taken kids in their home for weeks at a time and nurture them like they are their own.  They have shared their love to complete strangers.  Through all their good and bad days of hurting, the loss of their parents, they still move on.  They even live through what their parents created through them.  Even though life may be cut short very soon for one or even both of them, they live everyday like there is no tomorrow.  Every day they hope for visitors, laughter, and HOPE.  


Happy Anniversary to my PARENTS


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