I have found out the less you give free promotions the better the sales.  Of course everyone loves a free book or something free.  But really in reality we sell ourselves short and soon everyone thinks all of your books will be free.  Yes you started off in the beginning thinking I just want someone to read.  Do not expect a review either.  I had (guessing for example) 100 free downloads and only maybe 2 reviews.  Some people download and take a while to read while others want to read it right away.  My suggestion (because I have been doing this 4 years now and just getting it last year) is the lowest I would go on your books is 99 cents then have a contest/giveaway at so many views on your website.  (It works) I have made more in sales this year by not giving out free promotions.  Another suggestion ask others if they will review your book for you then email a pdf copy, or however but for an honest review.  They will respond and you will get a review and not give away so many books and lose sales.