As a victim of ‪#‎bullying‬ I want to raise awareness of the bullying that goes on during and out of school. Back in my day if you were bullied at school we accepted, walked away, and waited until the next day and it started over. Now the kids have MORE bullying power. They already do not like the child they are bullying, so they stalk their Facebook or social media sites and text them rude and horrible things. I know I see it daily with my daughters messages. These 13 year olds have BAD language coming out of their mouths, the young boys talk about sticking things in girls body’s (I see it all the time) sorry but it is true. The facts are as a parent…. Do you check what your child does on ALL social media? If you think “My kid isn’t like that, they will never do it” Think again… Take a look at what your child is doing BEHIND what you see. It is all good with cute posts and pictures. But do you actually read their messages they type in private. Bullying is happening, kids are thinking they are adults, we have to get on board and show our kids the right way of things again. We need to lessen their time on social media. Family time needs to happen without devices. So, there is less bullying and less media.
I know people will not agree with me. But please check your childs messages. Kids are cutting their bellies, legs, wrists, and hanging themselves DAILY…. WHY??? Because a boy or girl is bullying them, and we are not stepping up as parents. We need to STOP bullying. Your child may look sweet, innocent, and they also may look happy….. Take another look…



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