Phantom Bigfoot is hosting an event this Friday 13th, what better day than that, from 4-6pm EST. Would love to see you guys pop along and there will be plenty of games and giveaways –


We will be having authors take over throughout the entire month! Let’s start Summer Right! Come join us for fun, games and giveaways! Schedule is 🙂
June 5th is P T Macias Author
June 9th is Chloe T. Barlow
June 10th is Author Shyla Colt
June 11th is Barbara Silkstone
June 12th is Travis Luedke from 6pm- 9pm EST
June 13th is Carlyle Labuschagne is 11am-12PM EST
June 13th is Kristine Cayne from 1pm-2pm EST
June 13th is Simon Okill from 4pm-6PM EST
June 14th is Nicole Garcia Author
June 15th is N.L. Hoffman
June 16th is Author K. K Weakley
June 17th is Natasza Waters and her Street Team
June 18th is Kate Curran from 8am-10am EST
June 19th is Robyn Peterman Zahn from 4pm- 6pm EST
June 19th is Isabella Rose Norton from 7pm- 8:30 PM EST
June 20th is E LR Jones-Author from 2pm-8PM EST 
June 21st is Brynna Curry
June 23rd is Author Maeve Christopher at 6pm EST
June 25th is Josh Walker from 8pm to 10pm EST
June 26th is Lia Hearn from 8am to 1pm EST
June 26th is Kathi S. Barton Author from 1pm to 2pm EST
June 26th is Victoria Valentine from 3pm-5PM EST
June 26th is Jami Brumfield from 5pm-7PM EST 
June 26th is NC Winters from 7pm- 9pm EST
June 26th is Faith Hope from 9pm- 11pm EST
June 27th is Jean Oram from 3pm-5pm EST
June 27th is Jenna Galicki at 8pm EST
June 28th is Moira Keith from 6pm-10pm EST
June 30th is P T Macias Author