It has been a struggle to put my son on the potty with him yelling constantly and my anxiety it hasn’t mixed so far.. Not to mention the panic attacks. My son is FOUR and very stubborn-headed when it comes to what he wants and doesn’t want. His food, his toys, and HIS POTTY TRAINING…. I know I am not alone in this. I know there are many mothers that are having a time with potty-training. I have tried the fruit loops, the standing, sitting down, everything my parents have told me to try. I even had him without diapers or pull-ups until he started holding it in all day long. I really think making them hold it sets them back. I talk with him about being scared of the potty. I try not to make a BIG deal out of it. I also tell him other kids wear big boy pants and he could too. It has to the point of watching videos on youtube. We used to watch them when he was 2, but that didn’t go well at all. But today…… We finally making a milestone. He watched the YOUTUBE potty video songs. Although still no progress to the potty, and still saying he won’t go, he finally watched the videos.