He’s a finalist in the Reader’s Favorite Awards, and won best Children’s Book for the Predator and editor’s Reader’s Choice. “George Knows”
Great story! This book is meant for kids, but as a forty-five year old, I found it enormously entertaining! This would make a great cartoon!

The book is told from a dog’s point-of-view. The author has pegged it. But, this isn’t just any dog; this is a some-what magical dog, George, who is forging a mind-link with his young girl-witch, Karly. Under the tutelage of Aunt Heather, George and Karly are learning how to combine their energies to heal each other, as well as others. In the meantime, there are strange things happening in the woods adjacent to a nearby park, which is about to be bulldozed by a developer. Can this team solve the mystery and save the woods? Read the book to find out!

I also liked the subtle lessons in the story about caring for pets and nature and doing homework before playing.