Jodi Desautels and the NEW and IMPROVED “Clarinda Cloud”

 I have good news, everyone!  “Clarinda Cloud” has been relaunched and is better than ever.  It has the same great text encouraging young children to identify and share their feelings with more professional looking illustrations.  Not only will I give you the sell links to this book.  I also want to tell you a little bit about the background.    I want to tell you a little bit about why I re-illustrated it and why I wrote it as I did.
     I have come a long way since I first wrote and illustrated “Clarinda Cloud.”  The illustrations were done in a “crayon” brush in an illustrating program.  I thought the crayon look might look nice in a children’s book, since mostly young children color with crayons.  However, I don’t believe that was the case.  The crayon-look made the illustrations look sloppy.  They were amateurish.  

—Jodi Desautels…

To read more click on the link above.

Visit more from her on her educational blog


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