No one ever told me growing up being an author would be hard.  No one tells you all the details in their work.  To be an author you first have to love what you do, write.  I love writing stories and sharing with kids the “right thing to do”.  I today realized that being an author is more than writing a book… Which I already knew 4 years ago when starting my journey.  Becoming an author is more than writing.  You have to think of that one great story and then go through a process.

Once you write the story, you pre-read over and over.  Have your friends read it, neighbors, and then when it becomes the book you want it to be they can already have a review for you.  But there is more… Yes, more… You need to find an editor, but before picking just anyone you need to research.  Research your editors, the company you will be publishing with, you need to research your genre, best-selling authors, start a blog, many blogs on many sites, find book reviewers, blog, blog and blog some more… But, we are not done yet.  We have to make sure the book is in format (the correct format for the size of book you want).. We are not done yet…

Now to market.  This is hard.  The hard part of being an author is letting people know you have the book for your child.  Or whatever your genre may be.  Me, I have children’s books.  Finding a target audience.  Finding where to post your books, what local stores to go to, what schools, where to go local to get your name out as the author.

So when we ask for a share or like, as an author it thrills us to help get our word out about our book we hard worked for to get in reach of everyone available.

PLEASE share author’s books. We work hard for little money.  Thank you

So, when we ask for a share