Lately I have seen posts on people liking heavy women and focusing on loving yourself.  As a heavy woman weighing over 200 pounds it is hard to feel confident when walking into a room.  I barely want to go anywhere because of my weight.  I feel down and degraded at people looking at me as if I want to look this way myself.  See, I suffer from Thyroid problems, depression, anxiety, and panic attacks.  Although I havent been depressed in over a year I am constantly reminded that it can change at any moment.  I have to take medicine the rest of my life for thyroid.  Not blaming my condition on being fat, I love food.  Unhealthy food as well.  I am not one that eats two plates at a time.  I just love the taste of good food.  I feel bad when I go out and eat fast foods and all the unhealthy crap that I eat.  It is convenience that I do it.  When I started my depression years ago I gave up on doing regular things.  I had no want to wake, be motivated, or anything.  I had a beautiful spotless house, had that is.  Now I barely want to clean it, but I have to make myself.  Above I posted a link for fat women like myself how to look great and feel great about yourself even if you are over weight.  I did not write the article or make the pictures…

I hope you can share this to all the beautiful women out there.

I am also featured in this music video from Klifford Nathaniel