With so many social issues centered the identification and healthy sharing of feelings, it is important to teach these skills to children early. “Clarinda Cloud” addresses these issues at a very basic level in a way that is fun for children. For this reason, “Clarinda Cloud” would be great for elementary teachers, daycare providers, parents and grandparents of young children, and child counselors.

Clarinda Cloud has various feelings. With each feeling her face shows that feeling and she turns a different color. When she shares her feelings, she turns back to a white cloud with a happy face.

Wonderful discussions could stem from reading this book with children. “This is Clarinda Cloud’s angry face, what is your angry face?” for example.

The reading level is set at a preschool level. However, considering the basic concepts of colors and feelings and the repetition of the text, the audience level could spread from age 2 to 6. With the repetitive text and the whimsical illustrations, young children of just about any age will feel good in knowing how to “read” it, even if only be memorization and taking cues from the illustrations.

Get “Clarinda Cloud” at one of these online places: https://www.createspace.com/4083283, http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/clarinda-cloud-…/1114480033…, http://www.amazon.com/Clarinda-Cloud-Jodi-Desa…/…/B00BC2C38W. You can also purchase a signed copy by contacting Jodi Desautels. Thank you!