This is a cute book with a fun story. If you normally shy away from talking animals, it might be a bit difficult for you to convince yourself to accept the book, but read it for the entertainment value this urban fantasy brings. It may be best suited to the YA market but there is fun to be had for adults who are young at heart and into either animals or the paranormal, too.

Author Mindy Mymudes understands the genre and writes with a great sense of humor as well. The writing is so “cute” and cleverly written that at first, it’s a bit difficult to grasp some of the nuances. Basset hound George refers to his young charge Karly as a Girlpup, and family members are his PackMom and PackDad.  George’s perspective on life revolves around two things — food (typical dog) and “smelltastes.” This refers to his heightened sense of smell which he associates with tastes as well. Words are run together in his world and to dog lovers it seems natural after a while. All that boundless energy probably does translate to dogs thinking, “rabbitrabbitrabbit” or when associating a scent with a young girl, “sweetmilkFruitLoops.”

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