Day after RELEASE…. All paperbacks $9.99 at Createspace

Good morning all. The Release of my book yesterday was great! I have really enjoyed it. I am excited about this journey. It was my first ever children’s book I wrote. I wrote this in HOPE for kids out there. I had a stepson at the time, who had no one. He was 4 at the time, now he is 19. I am in HOPE to share with other kids there is HOPE. And with all of my books I have things I teach in there. In “The Croak 500” the hope was to get to the finish line. Ted wasn’t even going to go to the race, but his friend Raymond convinced him they could make a car. Around the pond they were by Ted’s grandpa’s house. They stopped by to see if he had any parts around his house. Come to find out HE too was also in the race many years ago. Grandpa GORF (or frog backwards) had a car and Raymond wasn’t too sure. But the decide to fix it up and run the race.

With these amazing pictures in the book the kids will love the details Chester put in them. They will also love the bright colors Rhonda adds and the backgrounds. Kids will love this story. They will want many more stories about Ted and Raymond.

So share with them to get more information.


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