So many problems with kids…..

As I search for things to write about today I see some terrible things people, mostly children face more of.

Child Obesity

Child Dyslexia

Reading difficulties



Apraxia to speech

Learning disabilities


and a lot more cases out there I cannot name them all.  We live daily with this in our lives.  We may know a child facing at least one of these problems, if not more.  The sad thing is, when we write as a children’s writer, I try to be as simple as I can with my writing.  I do not want a LONG book for a child who has a disability of learning or understanding, it makes the frustrated and causes them not to be interested in reading.  I consider these facts when I write.  I was not the best reader, in fact I am not the best at English and grammar issues.  In the south there is more slang.  Well, I use more slang.  I am trying not to, but being it is how I was raised it is hard to change how I talk.  Anyways, I consider these facts when I write to help the reader.  I use simple words, plus I try to give the reader confidence in the story.  I hope when you grab a book you can feel like ours would be one for your child.

With Christmas coming up, try one of our books as a stocking stuffer.  I have a brand new release and would love to hear feedback.


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