Learning NEW programs

It is sometimes hard learning a new program but in my case can be extremely hard.  All the techno words that come along with it.  I like reading things as simply as I can.  I am a simple person with a simple mind.  Being a writer, I think about this with kids as well.  Expressing yourself with BIG words does not show who you are, and does everyone understand what you mean? Well, for me it is hard to learn the bigger words.  I have to look them up to see the meanings, to figure out what one says.  People do not really realize how hard it is for a person who has a learning problem.

This is why I simple word things in my books for kids who have a hard time learning new big words.  I used to hate reading and get discouraged with the BIG WORDS or have to know the meaning to understand what the book was saying.

To find my books go to http://www.thecroak500.com


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