Thank you to my READERS…. You…

I have really enjoyed my career as a writer.  I have met many people, gave many books away.  I get frustrated at times with all the work put in and nothing coming out of it.  With that being said.  I am continuing my journey as a writer… Even though it may not be NOW making tons of money, people are being touched.  THIS was my goal to begin with.  Children being INSPIRED.  I will continue to write inspiring books because I know in the future there will be buys.  The more I work the better it becomes.  Giving up is not an option.  I will continue working hard on my journey.  That is what Ted and Raymond are about.  Without me pushing hard, Ted and Raymond wouldn’t exist.  I tell other authors daily not to give up on their work.  I am listening to the heartfelt words of friends that wrote me yesterday in my frustration.  Sometimes an author needs to be told to continue their good work.  Thank you to all my friends out there and fans of my Ted and Raymond books.  There are a WHOLE bunch lined up so be looking for future stories 🙂

Stories to inspire children to STOP BULLYING, learning adventures with the SEA and a SAFARI…. and many more…


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