9 out of 9 five star reviews:

A great #Cajun read about a road #trip to ‘Croak’ Orleans and the #swamp animals along the way.
By ligil

Not long ago, I was reading a piece about #KristinDavis, an actress from the show #SexandtheCity who mentioned the books she reads to her children. One of the books I was not familiar with. In an amazon search, I found many #books by this author, #RhondaPatton. The title Dylan and the #Croak Orleans Gang caught my attention right away. I grew up in Louisiana and made many trips to New Orleans. To my pleasant surprise, this book is about a road trip to Croak #Orleans. #Cajun books for #kids are not easy to find, and I quickly downloaded for my four-year old niece. This book is as beautifully written as it is #illustrated. The characters are #animals that are common to the #Louisiana area. The colors used throughout will be very familiar to anyone native to this state. The story line is about a band that slowly comes together as a result of the other animals Dylan the #frog meets on his trip. One of my favorite parts is all of the animals being frightened when an #alligator wants to befriend them, but they are quickly swayed by his #musical abilities and invite him into the band. I do not usually carry on like this about books, but it has been a long time since I came across a #childrens book this original, #enriching, and fun. I will be ‘one clicking’ more from this #author!