Meet Ted and Raymond. Ted and Raymond are two frog friends, who grew up together. In Ted and Raymond books they teach a lot of different things.   “African Safari with Ted and Raymond” was featured in Momtastic with Actress Kristin Davis of “Sex and the City” , Dylan is a frog who goes to Croak Orleans to fulfill his longtime dream. Along the way he meets new and amazing friends. “Dylan and the Croak Orleans Gang“. Young adults and even kids can have depression like in “Feeling a Little Sad”. Grayson is the Biggest frog who loves to Bully other frogs. In this book he gets taught a lesson. Also, this story shows kids how when one gets bullied how one feels. “Grayson the Bully Frog with Ted and Raymond“. Raymond bites down on his food and experiences sharp pain so he makes an appointment with the dentist. He is afraid to go to the dentist and telephones his best friend Ted who volunteers to drive him. Ted encourages him by relating his own experience with the dentist. Patton carefully delineates the steps of a dental visit. After the cavity is filled, Raymond tells Ted that it wasn’t so bad and that his fears were unfounded. NEW Book “The Croak 500” is about two frog friends who work hard to win a race.  In this book the child will learn that working hard can still pay off.