Promoting as an author… secrets every author should know….

Researching for many years, I have found out many places for authors to go and share their books with others.  EVERY author should know about Goodreads (, twitter (, Facebook (, tumblr (, (, LinkedIn (… These are just a few samples of mine.  Someone told me they saw me on everything that they researched on books.  My advice to those people is connect with others, blog with others, make a friendship with others to get on everything about books.  If you have a book out there wouldn’t you want to hear that they saw you on everything that dealt with books.  It is a wonderful feeling.

Other sites that I use and are on :



facebook groups

I promote daily.  Whether it be my book or someone else.  I love what I do.  I live to change a life of others.  I am in no competition.  I am a children’s book writer, also I review them for free… YES, free.. But they need to be free to me and less than 50 pages.  I have three main websites… I have a main site just for my books, I have one for my promotion/designing/logos , and one for promotions

My amazon website

If you want to be known, my advice is to get out there and promote, talk to others, get help from other authors, and talk to everyday people.  You do not want to just brag about your books but have a great knowledge about being an author and what you can do for yourself without paying a big price.

I understand people have jobs and are bust and do not have the time like I do.  So I do offer promoting services as well 🙂


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