5 Days Free of Depression, Anxiety, & Panic Attacks

5.0 out of 5 stars Left a big impression on me
By ChristophFischerBooks TOP 500 REVIEWER

“5 Days Free of #Depression, #Anxiety and #Panic attacks” by Rhonda Patton is an incredibly brave short that lets the reader glance into the #diary, life and mind of a woman battling severe #emotional and #financial hardships.
As if her life was not #haunted enough, the house has paranormal activity, on top of her emotional #pain (which seems unfounded) and the outer problems the family face.
It #impressed me with its #raw #honesty, the baring of the #soul, the sharing of her #worst thoughts and her #determination to pull through for her #children’s sake.
The answer for the #writer, the relief and the break from the pain come through #prayer and her belief in #god, if not directly from god, as is her belief. Although I am more of an agnostic myself I am pleased to read that the method seems to work for Rhonda, the ‘#medication’ is personal and what is more important is for those of us free from the #burden of anxiety to understand a little better how Rhonda and her fellow sufferers feel, how #difficult it makes every single day of their lives and how #joyous even the shortest break from it (to the mall) is.
The book is a diary, a #real story and an emotional #experience that is worth undergoing.



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