Why do people have the drive to do what they love doing?

Hello.  Welcome to my blog.  I am different, I talk on how I feel at the moment.  Yes I am an author.  No I will probably not edit the blog. This is my thoughts at the moment.  So if I make a grammar error I am sorry.  No one is perfect and I am not trying to be.  My blogs have been my stories.  But now I want to make them different.  Just something to write about, no particular date, no rushing to have blog content.  It is not fun being “correct” at all times.  People say you have to do this and that a certain way, or your content will not be read.  Well, in a way it is true.  But why not have a blog with flaws, and being yourself at loving what you do without all the perfection.  I mean, that is a job.  And who loves a job?  No one loves a JOB that they do not like doing.  So My drive to doing what I love is just do it.  FREELY, with no rules.

The world is so critical of what people do and how they do it.  I just want someone to feel how I write and know that I am giving it all I have loving what I do.  The messages are great.  Yes, I could use grammar help.  But couldn’t we all use help with something we love to do.  And why, is everything so expensive.   Why not have tools out there that show we are doing it wrong and help us rephrase the sentence or give us clues?   If they are out there please send the information on my blog 🙂  I love getting up every morning getting on the computer and hope to inspire someone even if I feel bad.  Why should I not put ONE smile on my face?  I am alive and that is something to be happy about.  I get to hold my kids one more day.  I get to talk to them more.


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