Meet Author, D.C. Rush

Robby’s Quest storybook series, Book Three.

Joy the #Sparrow and her new best friend #Josie want to see the #world and why not start in Las Vegas, where the birds can visit Caesars Palace, the Eiffel Tower and New York City, all in the same day. They persuade the flock of birds they live with to take a vacation there. So the loyal group of friends – #Sparrows, #Robins and a #Blackbird – fly there to have some fun.

However, Hershey the #Cat, whom they’ve bumped into before, is back in the picture and would love nothing more than ruining the birds’ #vacation. He’s determined to have at least one of the #birds for a morning snack. Can the birds keep out of his clutches and claws? Will they get to their destination safely?

The #courageous birds are pushed to their limits and Hershey also has to face some tough #truths about himself.

This is a bright and inspiring story about-facing challenges and being the best you can.

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