“Longing” by Author Jennifer Middleton

Two people meet from different worlds, longing for each other. He buys her restaurant, shuts the place down. Can this last? Will it last? A selfish man, millionaire, SINGLE… Does he just want Sex?

“I overheard you are meeting him in the morning to
discuss business, I think he wants more than business Nina.”
“Yes we are, and he’s not the type to want someone like
me. He could have every rich girl out there; I’m not one of them.”
“Don’t belittle yourself so bad Nina, maybe he don’t want a
rich girl, maybe he wants one that he can mold into one besides I can see it
all over him, ever since he walked in here a few weeks ago.”
“No, Tony, I don’t believe that, he just wants to talk about
his place, he’s not interested in me at all.”
“You are so wrong, I seen the way he caught you when you
almost fell, he didn’t want to release you. The passion is in his eyes told

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