New book cover for Jennifer Middleton

“Longing” by Author Jennifer Middleton

Two people meet from different worlds, longing for each other. He buys her restaurant, shuts the place down. Can this last? Will it last? A selfish man, millionaire, SINGLE… Does he just want Sex?

“I overheard you are meeting him in the morning to
discuss business, I think he wants more than business Nina.”
“Yes we are, and he’s not the type to want someone like
me. He could have every rich girl out there; I’m not one of them.”
“Don’t belittle yourself so bad Nina, maybe he don’t want a
rich girl, maybe he wants one that he can mold into one besides I can see it
all over him, ever since he walked in here a few weeks ago.”
“No, Tony, I don’t believe that, he just wants to talk about
his place, he’s not interested in me at all.”
“You are so wrong, I seen the way he caught you when you
almost fell, he didn’t want to release you. The passion is in his eyes told
Book cover created by FreckledFrogDesigns



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