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Edric the Gryphon Prince
by Eric K. Williams

In Edric the Gryphon Prince, the second instalment in the Edric Series, we find the young gryphon maturing and coming into his own. Immersed in his studies and shouldering his noble responsibilities, he is eager for action (as always) and more than ready to act when a new adventure suddenly presents itself.

While on his way to the Great Realm, to receive honours at court from King Thurmond in Capitol City, Edric (the fabled Blue Gryphon) and his loyal companions are met by a lone rider with a captivating story to tell … of a princess in peril, and a kingdom threatened by terrifying forces, seemingly beyond comprehension.

It is up to Edric to save the day once more, overcoming countless obstacles and ultimately facing off against a dark menace—the one creature likely to have him outmatched: Noir-Kraft, the Great Black Gryphon.

Come inside, won’t you? Together, let us rejoin the adventures of Edric the Gryphon Prince.