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He looked at her like no other man had looked at her before. He was undressing her with his eyes. She has a feeling of fixation taking root in my belly-an old familiar feeling. Oh, she didn’t like this feeling at all. His smell of aftershave and pure male goodness, he had me sniffing at the air in front of me like a lost dog. He was the most breath-taking man she has ever seen. His chiseled cheek bones and strong jaw, sat beneath perfect. His dark hair and the most intense blue eyes she had ever seen. This man scares the hell out of her. The hair on her skin stood up as the fear of him increases. She had almost forgotten he is her new boss. She needed to stay clear of him, just because my body goes crazy for this stranger, doesn’t mean she has to act on it.
As she handed him a cup of coffee, his fingers brushed her and she shivered vulgarly. His eyebrows rose at my reaction, as he seemed to be pleased.