The Croak 500 Announces the Launch of “Ted and Raymond Books”


I think it’s great to open your child’s eyes to other parts of the world at an early age. This book does that with cute pictures of all of the animals one would see on a safari. –Kristin Davis, actress


The Croak 500 is excited to announce the releases of Ted and Raymond Books. Children’s books by Rhonda Patton include:

“African Safari with Ted and Raymond” A review by Kristin Davis, Actress most known for her character on “Sex and the City”.

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How does Rhonda make her books engaging for kids?

Rhonda researches her books and makes them exciting with her unique frog characters, Ted and Raymond. They explore adventures but also deal with issues of Bullying. Her Book “Grayson the Bully Frog with Ted and Raymond” was in a book cover contest at She made Top 10 Author and has a semi-finalist for her book cover.


Book Reviewer Erik Nelson says, “The topic of bullying is a huge issue in today’s society. Every single form of media has presented the issue in a serious tone to the public. But author Rhonda Patton presents a serious yet entertaining children’s story on the issue. Her book will not only entertain and inform children about bullying but it will also present simple solutions to bullying; just walk away, tell an adult about it and stand up for you. I’ve been the victim of bullying many times and if I had read Rhonda Patton’s story when I was being bullied, I bet I would have had an easier time dealing with the situation.”



Other books by Rhonda Patton include Ted and Raymond’s Christmas tree, The croak 500, Dylan and the Croak Orleans Gang, and many more. You can find them at


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