Rhonda Patton tackles the ever prevailing issue of bullying in this sweet, simple story. She discusses several issues within her pages; including friendship, forgiveness and standing up for what is right. Young children will be able to understand and grasp the lessons that are being taught through this adorable tale! -Amazon reviewer

“Grayson the Bully Frog with Ted and Raymond” is a great book describing bullying and how it feels for a young child. It is simply put and easy for young children understand. It also shows that not only the person bullying hurts, but also the people who let it happen. The story is written with frogs as the characters to lessen the chance that a child can relate too closely. This was a wonderful fay to portray this delicate and important social issue to young children. It could also be a fabulous way to start a conversation on the subject. -Amazon reviewer

I picked up Grayson the Bully with the hopes of finding a book that my 4 year old nephew would enjoy and would help teach him about the importance of standing up to bullies. Ms. Patton has given us a very simplistic, but well written and illustrated, children’s book to help us navigate the growing complexities of bullies in our nation. It isn’t always easy, but the greatest point in the book is to tell someone so they can help you. I especially liked when the bully takes on two more bullies with words. This book is very well done and can be used for any child, one who is being bullied, one who is bullying, or to prevent bullying. As a mother with a child who was bullied I wish I had this book way back when. The illustrations will keep your child interested and the words will teach them the message that bullying is bad! -Amazon reviewer


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