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Bullying is a common problem among kids and adults these days.  I want to bring this up because we need to start changing this.  As adults we want to teach our children that it is not okay to hurt someone and keep hurting them.  As a child they will understand by seeing the emotions in this book.  I wrote this book because of my daughter being teased, hit, and abused by her classmates since 2nd grade.  As a mother, going to the school, talking with teachers, assistant principals, principals, and even counselors didnt get anywhere.

Heaven forbid talking to the parents of the child that is causing the pain of the child.  You see, the child that was abusing my daughter literally stabbing her with pencils and standing on her back, calling her names, etc… his family was very known, very popular in town.  Grandparents, parents, etc on the PTA, all went to the famous BIG church here in town where everyone knew their name.  So, nothing was ever done about the bullying.  I am trying to reach out to kids (without their high society parents) to put these books in the schools.  Starting at a young age we can STOP BULLYING.  I need your help.  I need SHARES, I need to put these book in book stores, libraries, and school libraries to help save the next generation.

We are not all perfect, in fact, none of us are perfect.  I just want to save a life.  My daughter started cutting her arms trying to kill herself because of all the pain and hurt she was having.  One day I drove by her school and my heart ached.  She was alone on the playground, with lots of kids around her, but no one was playing with her.  It broke my heart.  I even stopped and she was glad I pulled up in the car to talk to her.  Not even ONE teacher looked over there at her talking to me.  They were too busy talking with each other and visiting to even notice a child was at the gate talking to what they would think “A Stranger.”

I am bringing this up because I know teachers cannot watch every child, and they get busy to see everything that goes on.  That is why I want to educate children about bullying.  It simply gets mishandled.  The teachers and principals all say, it is NOT BULLYING when it is.  I mean when is it bullying, after the child is dead.