Talking about Jesus to my Kids.


I try to be a good parent and teach my children to talk to God. We stopped going to church 6 years ago when I was pregnant with my son. When I was pregnant I could hardly breathe. I couldn’t walk to my own bathroom much less in a big church. I never gave up praying or talking with God. While pregnant again I started having panic attacks, anxiety, and depression. We were poor and losing everything we had. My husband was selling everything he loved to pay the bills.


Looking back, God provided everything we needed. Yes, we lost things. Yes, we had a clunker vehicle that broke down. I was going to the doctor 4 to 5 days a week depending on my water being up or down.


I make it a point to tell my kids about Jesus and how HE helps when we need them.



I always talk about Jesus and God to my kids. I feel like if they see HE is important to me, they will see HE should be important to them as well.


My children are 15 years old and 6 years old. My daughter has seen so much in her life and grown so much through our failures. She was 8 when our house caught on fire; she was 9 when I had our son. She saw the loss of jobs, the money coming in when we didn’t have it.


I cried to Jesus, talked to Jesus in everything. I am unsure if she was paying attention or not. I was hoping that one day she would. Then, I realized I needed to tell her. She wasn’t active in going to church. She needed to know about the Jesus I know. When everyone turned his or her backs on us, including our church, she needed to know our Jesus would always be there.


JESUS… was and IS my savior. Since everything has happened in my life and though we are still broke and poor, I still call on him. In everything, I do I call on him. I pray over my kids. I pray for my kids. I pray that HE will give us strength, to guide us through our days.


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