See who is my next talented Romance Author…


In Your Shadow by J Middleton

He walked around the room with her image still frozen in his mind. He visualizes her standing before him, as a smile came on his face. Seeing himself leaning over her and stroking her hair. With his finger, he moved back a piece from her face and gently moves it behind her ear. Suddenly she disappeared. Not wanting to move from that spot, hoping she would come back.
“I am coming for you, we will be together soon. I have been waiting and watching for too long it is time. You are mine and I will have you.

Finally, he saw her, it wasn’t a dream. She froze for just a split second and then got in her car. It was almost like she was staring straight at him. Sitting there studying her taking her image in absorbing everything about her. He didn’t move, his mouth came open to call her name but no words came out. He wanted her now more then he realized, his heart was beating so fast he could hear it pounding. He watched the car pull out and he noticed she wasn’t alone.
He was enraged, ” No man will ever have her but me. No one can love you like I do. This can’t be? You are mine.”
When he finally reach his car and pulled out of the parking garage they were nowhere to be found. He went back to his house with her face implanted in his mind.

Would he kill again? Would he take her away forever? Will she have the life she always wanted with the man she loves are will she be his?



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