Who is my next guest?

10636519_821112617940293_7421717168936407396_o.jpgWith 104 –FIVE STAR—Reviews I had to read this book. I paid for the book and it delivered to my house. This book is great for children. On each page you get to find a worm and interact with your children. It is a great “hide and seek” game that was fun while reading. Not only does this book get a FIVE STAR from me, buying a book goes to a great cause.


Monty the fish goes to the Zoo is one of the best children’s books I have ever had the privilege of reading.”

“Little children will want to hear the rhyming story over and over again.”

“I don’t have kids of my own but I am a big kid at heart and at 24 years old I, myself, enjoyed this book.”

 From the Author:

Monty was an idea. I had to occupy my children and their friends on a stormy day in Texas. Give them the latitude to discover their imagination. From there Monty came to life. A fish that behaves like a child, doing things that we love to do. Thanks to those youngsters, my thoughts went to what out of character other animals could do. So here we are with Monty going to the Zoo. I hope you enjoy.





FOR EVERY BOOK BOUGHT $1 is donated to CCRF Click the below link:




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