View into my life

My struggles are getting real everyday.  My husband lost his job in October.  I love doing what I do in promotion.  It gains myself more knowledge into the book world and what authors do.  I love finding out about the person who I work with.  It gives me a chance to change a life of someone.

I meet new people online on a daily basis. I work really hard to be out of this mess we are in financially.  I am taking time to let you know that life is about the passion you put into it.  Never give up on your hopes and dreams.  Everyday, it is real for me.

I offer promotions daily.

$20 a day for a post on here about your life as an author, twitter 10 times a day or more, Facebook, tumblr, pinterest, linkedin.  I will promote you.

$40 two day promotion and above

$60 three day promo and above

$80 4 day promo and above

$100 for 7 day promo , plus a Facebook cover page




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