Video Review- Virginia Wright


Author/Illustrrator Virginia Wright video review of
“Buzzzzzzzz…What Honeybees Do”

Virginia Wright (born Virginia Brown March 19, 1958) is an award-winning, American author and illustrator of children’s fantasy and adult non-fiction books. She first became a published author in 1981 when she sold her first writing–Faith, to a regional magazine in the state of Maine. Faith, The Blessing, and Rosarium are published in an anthology–Soundings by the Poetry Fellowship of Maine. Wright received a World of Poetry Merit Award– with Rank: Honorable Mention (1987) for her poem, Faith. The poems, Picture Memories, and Life, Love, Inevitably Death are published in Our Day of Passing Anthology by Ingrid Hall, Franco Esposito, Dennis Higgins, Virginia Wright and a collaboration of 30+ other talented Co-authors around the globe. Besides poetry, Wright has written seven books, her first a children’s book, “The Princess and the Castle, A Fairy Tale” (2010) and this was followed by two other fairy tales, The Prince and the Dragon and Crying Bear. Wild Animal Sounds, a book released in 2014 for toddlers, is the first book in her MY First Book series. The Christmas Secret: Mikey’s Story, was released in 2012 and deemed a Christmas Classic. Wright is the author of an educational non-fiction, short book for all ages, Buzzzzzzzz What Honeybees Do. Her latest book, Timothy the Christmas Mouse, and the companion book, Timothy the Christmas Mouse Coloring Book For Children, were released November 2015. As an illustrator, the cover Wright, illustrated for Steampunk Alice by Dennis Higgins won the AUTHORSdb Gold Award (2014).

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