Are you ready?

Her Deadly Shadow, released July 17, 2016

He is there in the shadows of her life, with every breath he takes. She is with him every minute, and second of the day. Even though he can’t touch her. Close enough to feel her without being noticed.
His illusions are real, almost too real. Waiting and watching without being interrupted.
Hidden in the shadows was what he was good at.

Now that he was exposed the challenge was even harder.
His obsession became his reality. No matter what she done to him, he wanted her more. To concur her soul, her body, her mind. He would do whatever it took. She was his, always.
Just hearing her breath, Tom licked his lips, tasting the sweetness. The sound of her breathing does things to his body he dared not to think about, but did anyway. She lived inside of him, invading his every thought.
He fought to say her name, but words wouldn’t escape his gasping lungs. He couldn’t breathe, this was the first time he had a panic attack? It probably wouldn’t be the last. His airway wanted to shut off completely. Taking in deep breaths slowly. With the thought of her danced throughout his veins.


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