I too suffer Depression but what it is called is Generalized Anxiety disorder. I can remember having symptoms way back when smaller as a kid. I did not find out I had this until six years ago. I became a stay at home mom and then had my second child. My mom told me I just started having the symptoms of this when I had my last child. I think it was there all along because of certain things in my life from years before. Since I was alone most of the time during the day depression started to set in and I was scared to even go visit my own parents. Now taking medicines to control the balances in my system I feel better, but I still have work to do. I am not ashamed of this disorder, some are embarrassed to say they have a mental illness and yes it is degrading to say that. I call it a chemical imbalance. I am not here to hurt anyone, I mainly hurt myself with negative thoughts (not hurting physically just emotionally). I thought it might be PTSD because of being in an abusive relationship at one time because I do have panic attacks and anxiety that make me feel like I am having a heart attack. I went to the doctor two months ago to talk with him about another problem I was having but the anxiety took over and immediately they put me in the ER and checked me for a heart attack. So it is good to know about the brain functions and disorders as well. There are a lot of people with illnesses walking around but you do not know about them until it is too late. People will not talk about them because they are afraid of what the world might think.