Grayson the BULLY Frog with Ted and Raymond by Rhonda Patton is a very right on story.
Bullying has taken over so much now days in schools and every where. This story says a lot but for some reason people just don’t see it or listen to what the word really means an how hurtful it can be.
I wish in real life that it could be taken care of so easy the way that Grayson’s mom was able to do with Ted and the other frogs so that Grayson was not sad any more but it can’t be not with computers in this world. People now days take it there some know what they are doing when they hurt others but some are just followers and want to be liked.
This book should be out there were everyone not just kids, adults also act like this, so please after you read this book share the meaning about it with others. The pictures are also very good and cute. It would be nice if parents would buy this book for their kids to hand out at school.
Halloween is coming and that would be a great book to hand out as a treat, kids just might get the idea because that is one time there is a lot of bullying happens. Please then let the author know how much you liked the book and that you will do your share to let others know how wrong bullying can be. It would also be nice if you would also make a review about the book.