Inspiration talk

If I can leave ONE legacy in the world…
It would be… Inspire each other…
Do not bring anyone down. Their day may have been worse before you said mean things. You never know what someone feels at the moment and you never know their LAST BREATH…
Keep giving even when you have no money, there is always something someone else can use that you do not need no more and they wished they had.
Remember poor people struggle buying toiletries, toothbrushes, soap, and things that others buy daily for themselves. We don’t ask for much but remember when giving it isn’t just about food.
When I get money and able to help others, I will be putting back extras in case of someone else’s need. It is the goodness of the people who make a better world.
Not everyone needs money… Some just need a smile or prayer…
–Rhonda Patton

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